Flu Clinics have Started  – October 2020

This year, due to the effects of Covid-19, many more people are eligible for the flu vaccination; around 18000 in Lambeth.

To make sure everyone eligible can get their vaccine early we are setting up local Flu Vaccine centres.

These will be held at 2 sites – Morley College and Slade Gardens.

Currently the following groups of people are eligible:

  • All Over 65
  • Pregnant Women
  • Health and Social Care workers
  • People living in residential care
  • People living with someone who was on the Shielded List
  • Carers of elderly or disabled people at high risk if they fell sick.
  • People wiuth Long Term health conditions – Diabetes, Asthma, COPD

From late October/November the following will also become eligible:

  • All Over 50

If you have been sent a text inviting you to have a flu vaccine please call reception as normal to be booked in to one of these clinics.

As these clinics will be run with social distancing measures you must only attend at the time slot booked for you.


These clinics are being run by StockWellBeing; a Primary Care Network made up of a cooperative between 5 local GP practices:

  • The Grantham Practice
  • Beckett House Practice
  • Springfield Practice
  • Binfield Road Practice
  • Stockwell Group Practice

Morley College

Morley College Site is located just behind Stockwell Station, next to Binfield Road Practice.

Slade Gardens

Slade Gardens is near Myatts field