Your Medical Records

Access to your records

You can get access to your records in several ways

  1. Via the patient access portal
  2. by requesting in writing at reception

We can also provide you a full copy of your records should you require them.  Please contact reception for more information.


Summary Care Record

The NHS in England is using an electronic record called the Summary Care Record (SCR) to support patient care.

The Summary Care Record is a copy of key information from your GP record. It provides authorised care professionals with faster, secure access to essential information about you when you need care.

Summary Care Records improve the safety and quality of your care.

Whenever a care professional accesses your SCR a log is kept. You can ask to see this log if you have concerns; this is known as a Subject Access Request.

You are also able to opt out of this system by contacting the practice and signing an opt out form

Local Care Records

The Grantham Practice has a duty to keep complete, accurate and up-to-date information about your health, so that you can receive the best possible care. 

Sometimes the people caring for you need to share some of your information with others that are also supporting you. This could include other GPs, hospital based specialists, nurses and health visitors. 

To enable this information sharing to happen more quickly and to improve the care you receive, a new process has been put in place in Lambeth called the Local Care Record.

Through existing computer systems, this will join up care records held at The Grantham Practice  with the three main local hospital organisations: Guy's and St Thomas', King's College Hospital and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trusts.

Information is only shared when it is needed to make your care and treatment safer, easier and faster and only with those people directly involved in your care. This could include allowing a hospital doctor to see the medication that a GP has prescribed for you when you go into hospital or allowing a GP to see what care, tests or treatment you received while in hospital.

Whenever possible, professionals will inform you that they are accessing your care record. This may not be possible every time, for example in an emergency, however each time a person accessing your information there is a clear record of it.

Above all the Local Care Record will allow professionals supporting you to work with you to make safer and better decisions about your care. ​

To find out how to opt out (should you wish to) please contact the practice or the hospital team currently looking after you.​​